Verde Architecture Consulting
Validation of Enclosure, Responsible Design, Envelope Architecture

Our Services

Our name is an acronym for our services:

Validation of Enclosure

Responsible Design

Envelope Analysis


  • Validation of Enclosure - Building Envelope Commissioning. Assisting commissioning agents with building envelope commissioning at the Fundamental or Enhanced levels following the guidance established in NIBS Guideline 3, in accordance with LEED v4 or in ASTM E2947.

  • Responsible Design - Sustainable project management to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or other standards, such as WELL or Green Globes. Serving as either a Project Administrator overseeing the entire certification effort or as a Team member assisting the Contractor, the Architect, the Owner or any other team member with their assigned tasks.

  • Envelope Architecture - WUFI modeling. Performing modeling of the building envelope using the WUFI platform developed in Germany by Fraunhofer IBP and in the US in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The modeling of coupled heat and moisture transfer, or hygrothermal analysis, is used to craft building envelopes that manage the flows of vapor, air, water and heat across walls and roofs.

Business Case:

Currently, the commercial design and construction industry in the Philadelphia area is fractured into many firms that perform highly specialized services, typically for developers and institutional clients. Verde engages all the many specialists across the design, construction and operation of a building, but focuses the team through the specialized lens of green building. For this reason, collaboration and cooperation are the hallmarks of our sustainability services. We distinguish ourselves from our green building competitors both by our philosophy and our range of services. Our philosophy is based on over fifteen years of practical, real world green building experience moving owners and project team members incrementally towards high-performance projects, both large and small. We meet the client “where they are” with a careful ear to their needs, fulfilling their desired goals in a cost-effective manner using custom project management tools. Our passion for the details of sustainability drive us to specialize in enclosure, providing a deep understanding of energy efficiency from a unique architectural perspective. We push the green building envelope by crafting green building envelopes.


The company does business as “Verde Architecture Consulting” in the tax form of a Sole Proprietorship Limited Liability Company.  Its internet domain name is “”.  Its fictitious or short name is Verde.  Verde is a Women-Owned Business and a Minority-Owned Business certified by Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council.